Services offered by iPlace Services.

iPlace workforce are flexible to work in our clients place onshore / off shore. We provide the right candidate for our client who can adapt to their policies, culture and expectations. We provide long and short term services to solve your business needs and provide a master piece work to execute the assignments. Every organization's goodwill is powered by the workforce of dedicated resources. Allow us to power your winning team.

Permanent Staffing

iPlace focuses on permament staffing which is gaining a greater importance almost in every oraganization currently. An oragnization that is equipped with quality and permament staff on roles can be assured to survive in the competitive market for a longer run. We at iPlace provide such permament staff who are fully equipped to meet current trends.

Staffing Augmentation

Temporary staffing, though an accepted practice in the developed countries is fast catching up in India. Clients can avail of our pool of candidates for their requirement for a specified period.

Temporary staffing provides for a flexible, cost-effective and quick solution for your staffing needs. Temporary Staffing practice is suitable for organizations who need additional and dedicated resources for their immediate project requirements.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

iPlace will provide you a full-fledged professional team to sit in onsite and conduct the staffing. The team would be responsible for managing the total recruitment activity until the candidates reaches an offer level. This will give you an added advantage of focusing on other tasks related to recruitment and HR leaving the worry of lining up and following up with the candidates to our team. The team will also manage the post offer process until the candidate joins the organization.

HR Services

iPlace provides a wide services in Management and Human Resource consulting services. We have consulting services both on-site and off-site. We have organizations who utilize our service to supplement their existing Humar Resource department and on the other hand, the organizations find it advantageous by utilizing as a formal human resource function. Our primary aim is to fecilitate identified, necessary change within a oraganization in order to enhance the success of the organization. iPlace provides best Human Resource management in different walks of life.